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12 Easy ways to have more with less-how to keep life simple

Aug 4, 2020 | Your environment | 2 comments

Simple living reduces stress and as a single mum the more I can reduce stress the better. There are so many benefits to simplifying your life and the steps can be small and easy. Simplifying is a slow process. It’s not a race to the finish line. By starting small and going at a reasonable pace for you, you’re more likely to keep at it. Over time the idea of simplicity becomes embedded within you and before you make any purchases you start to ask yourself, ‘Do I need this? Will I still want this later? Will I use this? Will this sit idly for a long period of time?’

When looking for inspiration to simplify, say/ask yourself the following:

  • Do I want people to remember me or my stuff?
  • To enjoy my favourite things is to only have my favourite things.
  • Less stuff means less to think about.
  • Do I want more stuff to find a place for or more space and more clarity?
  • What matters to me? Get rid of the rest.
  • Am I keeping this ‘just in case’?

The following 12 suggestions are ways you can easily simplify your environment physically, digitally, emotionally. If you tried to complete one each week you will have an entirely new perspective on having more with less. To start, keep a ‘clutter’ box/container of sorts in a location you pass frequently (like near the front entrance) and put clutter in it whenever you see it.

  1. Unsubscribe from any retail or other mailing lists you’re on that you don’t read.
  2. Delete apps from your phone you don’t use.
  3. Shred or tear up old journals/diaries. They are clutter and getting rid of them helps let go of the past and be more present.
  4. Go through your diary/schedule/to-do list and cancel non essential appointments (what is deemed essential and non essential is valid only for you and up to you). Then re write a new schedule based on what you really want and need to do.
  5. Clear the kitchen bench/island completely and put back and organise what is in use (for the kitchen) and put all other items where they should be stored (if you need them).
  6. Go through the bathroom cupboards and only keep what products you use.
  7. Get rid of any expired medicine cabinet items and don’t replace until needed, or if you need it on hand in an emergency.
  8. Sort out all toiletries, make up and hair accessories and toss old and expired items and keep only what you use.
  9. Clear your dresser and bedside table and reorganise keeping only what you use and put items that don’t need to be out away in drawers.
  10. Organise your office/desk by filing, shredding and finding other locations to store miscellaneous items (if you need to keep them).
  11. Go through the linen cupboard and only keep two sets of linen for each bed and two sets of towels for each person.

And the big one!

  1. Divide your entire wardrobe into categories (eg work, gym, going out) then put back away only those you have worn in the last 12 months. With the remainder divide into what can be donated and what is worn past that point.

A lot of these activities may seem to only change your physical environment, however, less stuff creates more clarity of mind and makes room for more creative ways to spend your time.


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  1. Larissa Sarich

    I love all those great suggestions Lou Lou. It does feel great to clean up and declutter. I wish I could find away to stop things getting messed up again a few months later though xx

    • Lou Lou

      So true…it can be hard and tiresome to keep it up. I say, just repeat the 12 suggestions again after you’ve finished as by then they’ll need another declutter no doubt. Then it just becomes practice. In theory anyway…
      Thanks for reading x


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