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5 Benefits to weekly meal planning

5 Benefits to weekly meal planning

I have to say this is one area where I have finally got my shit together….mostly. And it sure does make a huge difference. On the occasions where I haven’t done my weekly meal planning, it’s not just chaos when it comes to food, it tends to spin off to all other areas of my life.

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Self accountability, why you should build it

Self accountability, why you should build it

I often joke that I shouldn’t be left unsupervised. Sometimes I don’t really mean it as a joke. I’m known to be a loose cannon. Being the only adult in the house means that mostly I’m only accountable to myself.

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I’m Lou Lou

Hi there gals. I’m Lou Lou and five years ago I lost my best friend, the love of my life, the father of my children and my stability when my husband died very suddenly and my world was completely torn apart. I literally had absolutely no idea how I would move forward and honestly didn’t think I would. I wanted to fast forward my life to a minimum of ten years on.


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